IP strategy services

Developing and commercialising IP requires a good understanding of the role IP can play in your business, and a good IP strategy. Our IP strategy services will help you achieve both.

A good IP strategy is needed to make sure commercial goals are kept to the fore. It also provides a framework to work within when you are deciding on what IP rights to secure and where to spend your money.

Our IP strategy services brings together commercial advice and technical expertise. The aim is to equip you with the skills to use the complex world of IP to your advantage.

IP is critical to modern businesses and a mix of IP rights is usually the best way to build real value in your intangible asset base. This does not happen without careful thought and planning. Even if your business is not into intensive research and development programmes, it is important that you have processes for identifying the IP that they create and a strategy for protecting and capitalising on that IP. 

Depending on the nature of your business and requirements, we pair members of our commercial and strategy team with appropriate technical experts to deliver our IP strategy programmes. This ensures you can benefit from the deep technical insights we offer, in a way that aligns with your business goals.

We offer four levels of service designed to meet different needs and budgets. 

IP strategy mapping — a service that gives you an opportunity to talk to IP experts about your business with the goal of working out a basic IP strategy. The aim is to provide you with the initial information you need to develop your strategy, while also helping build capability in using IP as a business tool. You may qualify for government subsidies to cover part of the cost of this service.

IP strategy development and implementation — a more comprehensive programme that focuses on building capability in using IP as a strategic tool for your business. This is a four-stage foundation programme for clients wanting to invest more time and money into IP strategy. The stages include pre-reading and learning, two workshops, a detailed, written IP strategy and regular one-on-one follow-ups to help implement the plan we have devised together.

Bespoke IP strategy consulting — a service tailored to your specific requirements. We use our own methodology to gather key information and deliver exactly what you need for your project or technology.

Virtual IP strategist — a service designed to provide access to regular advice, reporting and guidance on IP strategy. This service is ideal if you view IP as critical to your competitive advantage and want the comfort of knowing you can access good IP advice when required. We deliver this service for a fixed, monthly fee that fits your budget.

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