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A quick resource area for doing business in China, learning more about interesting patents from around the world, and understanding the Haka Ka Mate Attribution Act.

Patents are a virtue

A patent office is a great source of market intelligence since it publishes patent and trade mark applications made by companies. These publications are often the first signs that a company is undertaking new initiatives.

Anton Blijlevens shares clever and interesting patents that could inspire innovative thinking.

The Haka Ka Mate Attribution Act

In a series of articles, we'll review the Act and consider whether this type of legislation is the best option for other taonga, and examine how this might impact New Zealanders and the haka.

Doing business in China?

We have a dedicated team of China IP experts who thrive on helping clients understand how best to protect, commercialise, and enforce their IP. For more information, contact us to find out how we can help your business overseas.

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Fresh Appeal

Safety, quality, efficiency and extended shelf-life are key features of a new...