Marcus Woodhouse

Marcus is passionate about helping his clients understand and use intellectual property to achieve their business goals.


Specialising in all aspects of trade mark, copyright and personality law, Marcus works with a wide range of clients advising them on the best ways to protect the ‘products of their creative imagination’ while balancing the risks and costs. He has a particular interest in helping New Zealand exporters take their brands offshore.

Marcus studied political science and religion at Otago University and gained his law degree from Victoria University. His working career includes a role at Crown Law researching Canadian Human Rights, and three years as a trade mark attorney in New Zealand before travelling to London in 2001 where he worked for an entertainment law firm. He joined AJ Park in 2003 on his return to New Zealand.

Working style

Focused and end-goal orientated, Marcus cites communication, understanding and mutual respect as key ingredients in a successful working relationship. He loves explaining in plain English how intellectual property works, and especially enjoys that ‘aha’ moment when a client suddenly gets it and understands how to use that knowledge to make better decisions.

‘I find that taking the time to explain the fundamentals to clients helps them to achieve the best outcomes. I adopt the “no question is a stupid question” approach. I want my clients to be able to ask me anything; and I like to be able to ask them anything.’ 

Every time I listen to a client it’s a voyage of discovery while they explain who they are, what they do, and what they want me to achieve for them. I’m proud to have evolved from being an academically-trained lawyer giving purely legal advice, into someone who can advise clients with a strong focus on strategy, practicality and common sense.

Beyond work

In his spare time, Marcus hangs out with his wife and three children, doing the usual ‘dad’ things like watching ballet and swimming lessons, riding bikes and walking on the beach. A practitioner of kung fu and yoga, he’s also a keen gardener and guitarist, and loves refurbishment projects, like the 1966 Ford Falcon he lovingly restored over two years, and the 1897 double-bay villa he completely resurfaced, repainted and renovated.


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