Matt Devine

Matt has particular expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and software technology.

Matt initially started at the Wellington office of AJ Park in 1998, before working for a period in Europe.  He returned to work for AJ Park in the Auckland office in 2005.

Matt has particular expertise in patents, designs, copyright and related intellectual property work for electrical and mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and software technology.

Matt assists clients to utilise their intellectual property as part of an overall commercial strategy. Matt:

  • advises clients on intellectual property aspects of their business
  • advises on and implements strategies for utilising clients' intellectual property in Australasia and internationally
  • obtains patent and design protection, both in Australasia and internationally
  • conducts patentability and infringement searches and analyses.

Without that IP protection, your company's not worth anything. AJ Park knows the systems around the world and they gave us really good advice.

Greig Brebner, Blunt Umbrellas


Matt works with a range of corporates, SMEs, start-ups and individuals.  He works or has worked for:

  • Tait Electronics
  • Industrial Research
  • Navman. 

Previous work

He gained experience on the European patent system working for a specialist electronics and software patent attorney practice in London.

Client stories

Paul Barmes' Freebase

Paul Barmes’ new suitcase, designed around the concepts of '', is a premium product with a global market


If you’ve ever nearly had your eye taken out by a carelessly wielded umbrella, you’ll appreciate the ingenuity of this Kiwi product.


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