Wendy Payne

Wendy plays a key role as manager of AJ Park’s case and data team, which maintains the database for all information about our clients’ intellectual property.


Wendy joined AJ Park in 2012 on a fixed-term contract as special instructions coordinator, recording clients’ customised requirements. Her talents and dedication led to her being made a permanent employee in September 2013, working as a case and data assistant. 

In mid-2016, Wendy’s expertise in the processes and documentation of the firm’s database saw her promoted again to the critical position of managing the case and data team. She now trains new assistants in the use of the firm’s database, and creates the majority of database training materials.

My role is to provide a wide range of resources and tools to meet the different learning styles of each staff member, and ensure our database is always 100% accurate and up-to-date. I love documenting and improving processes to make them smarter and more efficient.


Before joining AJ Park, Wendy held key administrative roles at a number of companies including EFTPOS New Zealand Limited and WHK. She has consistently been recognised for her ability to retain and apply knowledge, identify process improvements, and document processes into training guides for staff to use as a reference. 

Wendy worked in customer service for Ansett New Zealand, and was promoted to running its members’ club lounge. With her love of working with people, Wendy enjoyed this varied and interesting role immensely. When the airline went into liquidation, she took the opportunity to study anthropology and art history at Victoria University, graduating with a BA.



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