Copyright protects original work including design drawings, artistic and literary works, films, music, and computer software.

In Australia and New Zealand, copyright law prohibits the unauthorised copying of any original work like films, music, books, computer software, photographs, drawings, and architectural plans for buildings and homes. In New Zealand, the law also prohibits the unauthorised copying of industrial and product designs from furniture, lights, and household and medical appliances, through to heavy machinery, plant, and vehicles.

Copyright protection exists automatically when an original work is created and so there is no requirement to register copyright in Australia or New Zealand. The copyright laws protect different original works in different ways. When you have a copyright issue it is important to get specialist advice on the best way to manage, commercialise, and enforce your copyright.

Our copyright experts have experience on a broad range of copyright issues and can advise you whatever the nature of your copyright enquiry. 

Our Australian and New Zealand copyright services include:

  • freedom to operate advice
  • identifying owners, securing and transferring ownership
  • licensing and royalty arrangements
  • customs notices
  • registration of copyright in China and the United States
  • enforcement of copyright.