Thursday, 21st June, 2018

'Your Business - Your Asset' Seminar 2018

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AJ Park is proud to support The New Zealand Business Leaders Collective's 'Your Business - Your Asset' Seminar 2018.

When: 8.00am - 5.00pm, Thursday 21 June 2018

Where: Ellerslie Event Centre, 80 Ascot Ave, Remuera, Auckland

This exceptional event will include presentations from leading business experts, discussion forums, morning and afternoon refreshments, a gourmet lunch, and a closing gala.  

Hear different perspectives of various successful professionals who will present and answer the questions you've always wanted to know: 

  • What is your business worth? 
  • Who are the best buyers? 
  • What are they looking for? 
  • When is the right time to sell? 
  • Where does the bank fit in? 
  • How do staff buyouts work? 
  • Why do some businesses sell for a little and some for a lot? 
  • What are the exit options? 
  • What makes a business valuable? 
  • Are the economic conditions right to prepare to sell?

And much more.


Tony Alexander, BNZ

How is the economy going to be? How is the new government going to impact the small business environment? Should we get out fast?

Mike Warmington, Platform1

Driving value creation and maintaining your legacy through gradual transition. Can you put in a new leader and ease out while the business grows?

Amy Ellis, PwC

How do mergers and acquisitions apply to you? How do they work? Is your business of value to the opposition?

Corinne Cole, AJ Park

How valuable is your IP? Is it worth protecting and if so, what is available and how do you do it?

Laurie Sharp, ASB

How do you make price the last thing on the agenda - not the first?

Assia Salikhova, E-ideas

What's the value of your customer system, your biggest asset? Do you know what people pay more when they want your revenue stream?

James Shearing, Crombie Lockwood

How do you use insurance to make your business attractive to a buyer? Did you know that many business sales are aborted due to legacy insurance issues?

Scott Willson, ASB

How do you do banking during a business exit? What if someone wants to buy your business but doesn't have the money?

Cathy Sheppard, BSI People Skills

How do you get a senior management team to work without you? Will your management team drive your business in to ground if you're not there?

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