Anti-counterfeiting & border protection

Our expert team creates and runs successful short and long-term anti-counterfeiting programs for a range of leading New Zealand, Australian and global companies.

Counterfeiting is a major problem around the world, and no industry or business is immune. In New Zealand alone, over 50,000 items were intercepted by Customs at the border in the first half of 2016.

Counterfeit goods can be of poor quality or unsafe, and consumers can mistake them for your own. This has repercussions for your brand, reputation and IP rights and can also affect your sales and licensing revenue.

How do I protect my product and business from counterfeit goods?

Being proactive is the best way to prevent counterfeit goods from affecting your business. We can help you do this by identifying what rights you should protect through a brand review, filing a customs notice or creating a watching service. If you already have a good idea of what you want to protect, filing a customs notice will be your first step.

A customs notice can block counterfeit items from entering a country. It lists your registered trade mark rights and copyright works. Once filed, the customs service will temporarily hold items infringing your IP rights and give you an opportunity to stop the goods entering the country.

A watching service is a valuable addition to a customs notice if you would like to make sure that other businesses do not register trade marks, designs or patents that are too close to your registered rights.

If you think counterfeit goods may already be in the market, we can conduct a marketplace search to assess the extent of the issue and what action you might need to take. If action is required, we can assist you with filing take down requests, implementing compliance programs, sending letters to individuals or businesses selling counterfeit goods, or taking court action.

How can AJ Park help me?

We have extensive experience assisting small businesses through to major global companies with stopping counterfeit products from entering or remaining in the marketplace. We know what works, what doesn’t and can draw on this expertise to determine what will work best for you.

Our anti-counterfeiting services include:

  • Brand portfolio review
  • Customs notices
  • Watching services
  • Market searches
  • Bespoke anti-counterfeiting or compliance programs
  • Take down requests
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Court action

Our longstanding presence in Australasia means we have strong ties with law enforcement agencies and other retailing platforms which assists us with achieving your anti-counterfeiting needs.

If you need plain English advice on anti-counterfeiting and border protection, get in touch with one of our experts below.

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