IP audit & portfolio planning

An IP audit and portfolio plan involves comparing your registered IP against your business goals to determine what IP you have and to make strategic decisions about future IP investment.

IP investment must always be based on a cost-benefit analysis. Making the right IP investment decisions can significantly enhance the value of your IP portfolio and help to drive valuable cost savings. Making the wrong decisions can put your IP at risk and result in wasted time, effort and cost.

Our IP audit and portfolio planning service involves drawing from your records, our records and, if necessary, searching international IP office databases so that we can pull together a consolidated list of your IP assets.  

How can AJ Park help me?

We analyse your protection against your strategic priorities to identify gaps. For example, we assess the differences between your trade marks, the relevance of the goods and services covered, and the cost of registrations and applications from country to country. Market priorities will be based on use that may be made of trade marks in each market and the relative importance and growth plans within that market.

We also look across patent portfolios and match protection against the products, services and technologies you are actually exploiting and using to ensure your protection remains relevant. This helps identify if your portfolio is adding value and also can highlight areas where more coverage may be desirable.

Once we’ve reviewed and mapped your portfolio, we then agree on a plan to improve your IP protection, including suggesting stages for protection to spread cost and identifying where cost savings can be made by allowing less relevant IP to be abandoned.

You will benefit from a multi-disciplinary team who understands the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of IP strategy.

Anton Blijlevens, Anton Gibson and Mark Hargreaves lead this service. Recognising their expertise in IP strategy and portfolio management, they have all been named in the 2017 Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Strategy 300, which ranks the top 300 IP strategy practitioners in the world.

We pair members of our commercial and strategy team with your existing IP account manager(s) to ensure that insights and information about your portfolio is shared and understood. This means we make informed and considered decisions and enables us to formulate a robust plan to enhance the value of your IP portfolio and help to drive valuable cost savings.

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