Innovation IP®

If you’re serious about growing your business through technology, our Innovation IP® programme, part-funded by Callaghan Innovation, can help you leverage your IP or intangible assets to accelerate growth.

An IP strategy allows you to understand, manage and capitalise on the IP in your organisation. It can also help you win more market share, secure higher prices or ensure lower costs than your competitors. A clear strategy also answers the day-to-day questions most organisations face around what to do about IP.

The Innovation IP® programme is identical to our IP Accelerator™ programme, but the differentiating factor is that it’s part-funded by Callaghan Innovation. You’ll deepen your understanding of options for using IP as a strategic lever, explore case studies that bring IP concepts to life, and develop a strategy and action plan on how to use your IP to gain a competitive advantage.

How is the Innovation IP® programme structured?

The Innovation IP® programme has five stages with built-in flexibility so you can commit the time and financial investment that suits you.

  1. Pre-workshop fact gathering to find out about your business and to understand how IP fits into your business.
  2. eLearning tools and resources to communicate information about IP and why it matters.
  3. A workshop to understand and develop an IP strategy for your business.
  4. A second workshop focussing on your specific business issues and putting the IP strategy into practice.
  5. Post-workshop follow-up sessions to see how the strategy is being implemented and address any issues or concerns that have arisen.

Who should participate?

New Zealand-based businesses that want to:

  • innovate and generate new, valuable IP or intellectual assets
  • maximise the value of intellectual assets they already control
  • invest in hi-tech R&D and innovation
  • implement a business plan based on stimulating export lead growth.

The main criteria is a strong desire and genuine commitment to follow through on what you learn. You self-select which team members should attend, provided they are enthusiastic, committed and empowered to apply what they learn to drive commercialisation of your intellectual property and intangible assets.

How can AJ Park help me?

You will benefit from a multi-disciplinary team who understands the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of IP strategy.

Depending on the nature of your business and requirements, we pair members of our commercial and strategy team with appropriate technology and industry experts to deliver the one-on-one steps of the the Innovation IP® programme.

Mark Hargreaves leads the programme. Recognising his expertise in IP strategy and commercialisation, Mark has been named in the 2016 Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Strategy 300, which ranks the top 300 IP strategy practitioners in the world.

Our industry specialists can add value to how strategies are implemented. They understand the technology and the landscape as well as understanding how to manage IP systems within that industry. They help give you both reality checks and creative ideas for how to implement your strategies.

Our talent pool covers every major technology area, and we can quickly form qualified teams of technology and industry experts to work with you regardless of the industry you operate in, or the stage of your business.

If you need plain English advice on your IP strategy, get in touch with one of our experts below.

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