IRDTM (TM Publisher) now reimbursing payments

Article  \  26 Apr 2016

The Commerce Commission is now investigating TM Publisher, the third party organisation involved in a scam requesting payment from trade mark owners. We are aware that TM Publisher has refunded at least one payment.

If you have made a payment to TM Publisher, you can request a refund by emailing and supplying details of the transaction in question (date, reference number, amount of payment). Please copy your refund request to Zeb Walker at the Commerce Commission (

If you have been affected by this issue and wish to assist the Commerce Commission in its investigation, please provide the following information and documents to Zeb Walker.

  • Brief details of what you believed the document related to and what it would provide in exchange for payment.
  • Information about whether you intended to purchase online database services from TM Publisher when making payment in relation to the document.
  • Information about whether you believed you had an obligation to make payment in relation to the document.
  • Details of the amount paid and the date of that payment.
  • A copy of the document received from TM Publisher.   

If you would like us to assist in attempting to obtain a refund for you, please contact us.