We advise on, search and prepare applications and representations for designs in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and internationally.

A registered design protects the visual appearance of a product. It can protect two-dimensional features such as those appearing on wallpaper and textiles, three-dimensional features such as industrial or domestic goods, or a combination of both. It does not protect how a product works.

How do I protect my design?

We would recommend filing a design application if the appearance of your product is important to your business or project.

To be accepted, a registered design needs to be new and original. It is important that you keep your design confidential and do not commercialise your product before you file a design application.

Once you’ve filed your design application with the relevant documents, your application will be examined to decide whether it’s new and registerable. If there are no objections, your design is registered, and this lasts for a maximum of 15 years in New Zealand, ten years in Australia.

In addition to registering your design to protect your product’s appearance, you should also consider whether you want to protect the way your product works. A patent can protect the functional aspects of a product. Often we recommend clients get both patent and registered design protection.

To learn more about protecting your design in New Zealand click here. And for Australia, click here. To learn more about the process and filing requirements for designs in New Zealand, click here. And for Australia click here.

How can AJ Park help me?

AJ Park has a team of specialists who advise, search and prepare applications and representations for designs in New Zealand, Australia and internationally.

We can help you prepare the required drawings that will be acceptable to different patent offices around the world and help you obtain the optimum scope of protection for your design.

Our team of experts are considered as the ‘authority on designs’ by the Intellectual Asset Management 1000 index. And for many of our clients, we have become an important part of their design process.

If you need plain English advice on designs, get in touch with one of our experts below.

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