Our specialist team of patent attorneys advise on, search and prepare patent applications in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and internationally.

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Patent services

An intimate knowledge of our clients’ invention or proprietary technology is essential to ensure patents provide sufficient protection. Our patent specialists comprise two broad teams – Chembio and Engineering/IT, who have the technical expertise to understand and protect any type of creation.

We have specialists, many having PhDs in their respective fields, across a range of sectors including engineering, technology, biotech and life sciences. Because of our size and our fluid team structure, we can form multi-disciplinary teams on a project-by-project basis, which ensures that each project is handled by the best people for the job.

Portfolio management and renewals

We have a dedicated in-house renewals team whose sole responsibility is to manage the maintenance and renewal of IP portfolios.

IP strategy

From bespoke advice to tailored best practice programmes, we work with our clients to develop a sustainable IP strategy fit for the future.

Our regional expertise

Our specialist team provide patent services throughout the region.

Why AJ Park?

We have a specialist team of patent experts who advise on, search and prepare applications in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally.

A regional leader

We are one of the largest IP firms in the region with a track record, expertise and services to cover all stages of the IP lifecycle.

We’re in the detail

We take the time to understand our clients’ IP needs, pairing it with our deep understanding of a diverse range of technologies.

Designed to be responsive

The process, systems and way we work at AJ Park have all been designed to enable us to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs.

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