Dr Erica Cassie

Dr Erica Cassie

Patent Executive \ AJ Park IP Limited, Wellington

Erica joined AJ Park as a Patent Engineer in 2024. With experience in research and development (R&D) as both a scientist and an electronics engineer, as well as a PhD in physics, she brings a depth of technical knowledge to the firm.


Erica’s academic background makes her a great fit for deep tech companies, particularly those with a physics or electronics aspect to their work. She’s equally happy working with inventors who find simple and elegant solutions to the challenges in their fields.


Prior to joining AJ Park, Erica worked as an R&D Scientist at a Crown Research Institute. Her PhD research, performed through Victoria University of Wellington and the MacDiarmid Institute, focused on the design of electronic biosensors made with nanomaterials for use as medical tests.

Erica also has experience working as an electronics engineer at a small New Zealand company, where she designed power electronics systems and internet connected sensor platforms.

During both her undergraduate and doctoral studies, Erica was heavily involved in education. She has six years’ experience teaching students from first year through to postgraduate, and thoroughly enjoys the process of helping people to understand and communicate new ideas.

Beyond work

Erica spends most of her free time rock climbing, sewing, or tinkering with audio electronics.



  • PhD (Physics), Victoria University of Wellington
  • BE (Hons) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), University of Auckland
  • BSc (Physics), University of Auckland