New .au Domain Names – don’t miss out on priority applications

Article  \  16 Mar 2022

There is a priority allocation process in place for this new domain name, so if you already hold a domain name in any other .au space, such as or, then you will be able to apply for priority for its exact match on .au direct.

The priority status period is a six-month window that runs from 24 March 2022 to 20 September 2022. Exact matches will be put on hold for those six months so other users cannot register them. 

If you apply during the priority period and you are the only exact match you will be able to register and begin using your direct .au match. 

If there is more than one exact match, for example one from, and one from, then the match will be allocated according to the priority categories determined by the existing domain name license creation date. These are:

  • Priority Category 1: Names created on or before the cut-off date of 4 February 2018.
    • Category 1 applicants have priority over Category 2 applicants.
    • Where there are multiple Category 1 applicants, the name is allocated by agreement/negotiation between the Category 1 applicants.
  • Priority Category 2: Names created after the cut-off date of 4 February 2018.
    • Where there are only Category 2 applicants, the name is allocated to the applicant with the earliest creation date

If there are no applications for any of the matched .au direct domains they will become available to the public from the end of the priority status period.

Existing domain names in the .au family will continue to operate as normal once the .au direct space is launched.

If you have existing,, or domains, you should make sure the registrant details are up to date and consistent with each other before the launch period begins.

If you would like to obtain the registration of your matching .au direct namespace then let us know and we can get you sorted within the priority period.

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