You’re such a happy chappy, just like a budgie in a nappy!

Article  \  22 Apr 2013

You’ve probably heard the saying “It’s a crazy old world out there!”

Since it’s World IP day on 26 April 2013, we thought we’d acknowledge the day by honouring our favourite patented invention craziness from around the world, well, from the United States at least.

This is an actual patented invention - not all inventions are of a geeky technical nature by boffins.  Some are just completely crazy weird, and we’re not making this one up.

So, if you have ever wondered how to let your pet bird have some exercise flying around your living room without having excrement on your head or furniture, or wished to take your bird out for a “fly” while you go for that evening run around the block but can’t, because, well, birds fly away: how do you put a bird on a leash?  We have the answer for you right here, in the form of this nappy for birds.

The “Bird diaper” is protected by United States Patent 5,934,226 and is currently in its 12th year of patent protection.

This invention may leave some people wondering how on earth would it be possible to patent protect a nappy for birds.  Provided that the inventor can show and prove that the invention is novel (new), is not obvious (inventive), and has a utility (a use), a patent can be granted, and this invention has been deemed to meet those requirements.  Well, a nappy for birds is certainly novel and inventive.

As the title of the invention suggests, the invention is relates to a “wearable pet appliance”.  The nappy is made from lightweight stretchable absorbent materials: namely Lycra® (to allow leak absorption and easy cleaning), and Velcro® to fasten it all together, leaving openings for the bird’s tail-feathers and wings.  The nappy is made from 3 parts, the front piece which covers the breast of the bird and has an elongated bottom part, the two other pieces connect the back and sides with Velcro (to form the dropping pouch), and the elasticated straps pull the nappy closer to the bird for that snug fit.

The nappy also provides further features: it can be moistened in the summer to cool the bird, and used as an insulator in winter to keep him warm (just in case the evolution of feathers isn’t enough); and let’s not forget the attachment for the leash to take your bird with you on your evening run around the block.