Another trade mark scam letter circulating in New Zealand

Article  \  2 Aug 2017

We have become aware of yet another trade mark scam operating in New Zealand. Letters on the letterhead of World Organisation for Trademarks (WOTRA) of Hungary are being sent to trade mark owners requesting payment for publishing a trade mark. In return, this organisation offers registration in their ‘private database’. They do, however, explain in the small print that this has no connection with any official publication, that they are not a government organisation, and nor do they have any connection with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

Please note, the WOTRA database is not an official publication, and you should not pay any invoices that you receive from them.

WOTRA is included on the list of unsolicited or fraudulent IP schemes and information listed here on the WIPO website.

What should you do?

AJ Park will manage the deadlines to pay official fees for any trade marks you have filed with us. If you are unsure whether a letter is genuine, please send the letter you have received through to your contact at AJ Park.

Double check the authenticity of the authority on the letter before paying any fee requests. Take a minute to search the name of the correct authority to see whether they have been reported as being a scam already. If you are in any doubt at all, please don’t hesitate to ask us.