Risks of entering China without a trade mark

An introduction in to the risks of entering the Chinese market without a trade mark registration

Video  \  29 Sep 2017

In this soundbite video our senior associate, Amanda Griffiths, gives a quick intro into the risks of entering the Chinese market without a trade mark registration.

So, what are the risks to your business if you decide to enter into the market without a registration?

The first one is an infringement.

Another risk if you decide to use a mark which you don’t have a registration for is that it could be detained by Customs and a few countries have this, you may have come across it before. So, what happens is a trade mark owner can file a Customs notice with the Customs authorities for a particular mark. They have to prove that they own that mark and what Customs will do is detain any product which they think is the same or similar to the mark that is the subject of the notice.