We help exporters get the best IP protection strategies in place in China, and mitigate the risks of making costly mistakes.

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Whether you’re already exporting to China, or planning to in the future, understanding what it takes to succeed there is paramount. We have a dedicated team of China IP experts who thrive on helping clients understand how best to protect, commercialise, and enforce their IP in China.

Established to educate Australian and New Zealand businesses on IP laws in China, our specialist team works with local clients to provide IP strategy advice and protect their IP in China. Our specialist team are also a point of contact for Chinese IP firms to provide information and support with filing IP in our region.

We know what it takes to succeed in China and can provide practical advice to help safeguard your IP. We have a comprehensive understanding of China's IP laws and recent developments to the IP landscape. We've also built a network of trusted associates in China to represent your interests on the ground.

China used to be seen as a country where IP rights went to die, but it is now one of the most prolific users of IP systems both domestically and abroad. We're on a mission to dispel some of the old views that still exist around the relevance of IP protection in China.

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