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Our manufacturing and engineering experts understand the complexities of the industry and technologies, and can help you to safeguard your valuable IP.

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Manufacturing and engineering is an ever-changing industry, constantly evolving to keep up with modern demands and technological advancements. Every process, drawing, diagram, and prototype has intellectual property attached to it, and it is crucial that innovations produced by the manufacturing and engineering industry are protected.

AJ Park has a dedicated team of patent attorneys specialising in manufacturing and engineering. Our experts have degrees in a broad spectrum of technical and scientific disciplines. Many have dual engineering and law qualifications or science and law qualifications, and several have PhDs. Some have benefited from industry experience or research tenures at universities throughout the world. With such extensive experience and diversity in qualifications, we understand complex technologies and are able to offer expert advice to manufacturing and engineering businesses operating in a variety of areas. Our manufacturing and engineering experts work with individual inventors, SMEs, corporations, Crown Research Institutes and universities.

From the protection of new manufacturing and engineering inventions, to IP management and enforcement, AJ Park can help you realise the full potential of your inventions and innovations, maximise the revenue that IP brings to your business, and safeguard your valuable IP.

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