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AJ Park has an outstanding team of experts who specialise in software and ICT protection.

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AJ Park is heavily involved in the software and ICT sector, and has advised on IP and commercial issues relating to software and ICT for decades. In fact, in 1989 AJ Park acted for the successful plaintiff in IBM v Computer Imports, New Zealand's first software copyright case to go to trial.  

One of AJ Park’s more recent software copyright and trade secrets cases proved to be the longest IP/IT law trial in New Zealand. In Karum v Fisher & Paykel Finance (FPF), the trial lasted eight weeks. AJ Park acted for the successful defendant, FPF, in what was New Zealand’s first case on non-literal infringement of computer software. On appeal, the Court of Appeal upheld the trial decision and, to a large extent, ruled out the applicability of non-literal infringement for software as opposed to books having a plot.

AJ Park has an outstanding team of experts, many of whom with dual engineering and law qualifications, who specialise in software and ICT protection. With such extensive experience and diversity in qualifications, we understand complex technologies and are able to offer expert software and ICT advice to businesses operating in a variety of areas.

AJ Park has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting agreements covering system supply, IT and telecommunications outsourcing, joint ventures, technology licensing and commercialisation, software development and support and maintenance. 

Our experienced litigation team is always on hand to handle disputes that inevitably arise out of a few of these IT and communications agreements.

Advances in technology have raised new legal issues such as cloud computing, misuse of personal data, data value, content streaming, geo-blocking content, crypto-currencies and blockchain. AJ Park can assist you with any of these issues. 

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