Medical technology

Over the last decade, the medical technology sector has thrived and New Zealand has earned a reputation as an emerging breeding ground of medical technology innovation and excellence.

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The term ‘medical technology’ encompasses a wide range of technologies, from therapeutics, diagnostics, implantables, medical devices and research instruments to healthcare IT and hospital equipment.

Protecting medical technologies is crucial, but successful IP protection requires complex insight and expertise. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ IP strategy for every medical technology invention. Some inventions will be mechanical in nature. Others may involve electronics or software. Some will be based on discoveries of chemical or pharmacological effects of new or existing drugs. It is therefore essential that you are advised by IP experts who have a thorough understanding of your medical technology. 

AJ Park has a dedicated team of IP experts specialising in medical technology. Our medical technology specialists have come from a wide range of technical backgrounds, including chemistry, engineering and electronics. Our team of patent attorneys includes many with dual science and law or engineering and law qualifications, and several with PhDs.

Our investment in keeping up-to-date with international developments in medical technology means you can be confident that the advice we give you is world-class. 

Whether you are an individual healthcare professional, a start-up or a multi-national organisation, our IP experts can help you protect every aspect of your medical technology.

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