Podcast: A woollen kayak? Crazy ideas saving the planet

Listen to Season Two, Episode Three of From Idea to Intellectual Property.

Video  \  9 Aug 2023

Shear Edge Managing Director Logan Williams recognised an issue in the oversaturation of waste in the wool and plastic industries. His solution resulted in the world’s first woollen kayak, made of fully recycled materials, alongside a number of sustainably produced products.

In this episode AJ Park Principal Dr. Hannah French discusses the role of the patent process in bringing sustainable inventions to life, in conversation with host and ABC broadcaster Lisa Leong, and Logan Williams. With the combined perspective of inventor and patent attorney, they discuss their experiences with the inventorship process – including the production of the world’s first woollen kayak. 

About the podcast series

From Idea to Intellectual Property explores today’s big ideas through the lens of the intellectual property specialists who work with inventors and innovators to bring their ideas to reality.

Hosted by ABC Radio’s Lisa Leong, an IP lawyer turned broadcast extraordinaire, Lisa brings her own professional insight to the podcast, along with her personable and entertaining interview style.

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