Update - Legislative protection for the 28th Māori Battalion

Article  \  11 Dec 2013

The Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Amendment Act 2013 received Royal assent on 4 December 2013 and is now in force. The long-awaited amendment was reported in a previous article,[1] and no changes have been made to the amendment’s wording between then and now.


The Amendment Act’s teeth are found in section 18A: it is an offence for a person in any business, trade, or occupation and in order to obtain money (or other property), to display, exhibit, or use protected 28th Maori Battalion words or emblems in a manner likely to cause anyone to believe that the display, exhibition, or use is under the authority, sanction, approval, appointment, or patronage of the 28th Maori Battalion (NZ) Association Incorporated.

The protected 28th Maori Battalion words and emblems include:

  • 28th Māori Battalion
  • Māori Battalion
  • Te Ope Hōia Māori 28
  • Te Ope Taua Māori 28
  • Te Hokowhitu Māori 28

It is also an offence to form an incorporated or unincorporated body under a name that includes any of the combinations of words above, or to trade under any of those words.  The 28th Maori Battalion is thereby afforded the same level of protection as other recognised words and emblems, such as the Returned Services’ Association.

Anyone wanting to use the above protected words and emblems should first contact the 28th Maori Battalion (NZ) Association Incorporated.