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We combine chemistry and biotechnology expertise with specialist intellectual property knowledge to help you develop the best patent strategy for global protection of your biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical inventions.

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Biotech, life science and pharmaceutical innovations are at the cutting edge of technology and research and development. The risks and challenges are huge, but so are the potential rewards.

The complexity of biotechnology, life sciences and pharmaceutical patents means that you need access to a team of highly specialised advisors. And when you need to protect and exploit your biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical innovations, it’s essential you are advised by a team that has a thorough understanding of the technology as well as the business issues facing the international industry.

AJ Park has a dedicated team of experts who specialise in biotechnology, life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Our specialist team of patent attorneys includes many with dual science and law qualifications, and several with PhDs. Some have benefited from industry experience or research tenures at universities throughout the world, and others have trained as intellectual property office examiners.

Our team works with a range of entities involved in biotech, life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Our clients include start-up companies, food technology companies, life sciences companies, multi-national pharmaceutical companies, Crown Research Institutes and universities. 

We are a committed sponsor of the New Zealand biotechnology industry body NZBio, and a member of the Australian equivalent AusBiotech, which gives us the opportunity to work with many of Australasia’s most innovative biotech companies.  

Our investment in keeping up-to-date with international developments in biotech, life sciences and pharmaceuticals means you can be confident that the advice we give you is world-class.

Although the technology and processes can be complex, we will communicate clearly and make sure you understand what you need to know.

For plain English advice on biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical inventions, get in touch with one of our experts below.

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