Australia's innovation patent system under review

Article  \  19 Sep 2013

Australia's innovation patent system is under review by the Advisory Council of Intellectual Property (ACIP). The review seeks to determine the future of the innovation patent system. Following the review, ACIP will provide its recommendation to the Australian government to keep, abolish, or change aspects of the innovation patent system. ACIP is expected to present its recommendations to the Australian Government by the end of 2013. You can read more about the review here.

ACIP is currently receiving submissions on the innovation patent system. If you want to make a submission on the system, you will need make your submission by 4 October 2013. For more information about the submission process, click here.

Australia's current innovation patent system can provide a faster and cheaper route to obtain patent protection for an invention. The system also provides patent protection for inventions that may not be considered patentable under the standard patent system. The remedies against infringement of an innovation patent are similar to the remedies available under the standard patent system. You can read more about the innovation patent system here.

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