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The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest moving, most competitive industries in the world, with multiple new products being launched every day from around the globe. But even still, one of the key challenges in the industry is trying to get products from development to shelf in a timely manner to align with emerging consumer trends before they subside.

An important part of the product innovation cycle involves protecting the IP. Even though companies want to get their product to the market as quickly as possible, there’s no point without protecting it first with a patent, trade mark or both. As soon as it’s out there and consumers are buying it, competitors will see any opportunity to imitate the product and sway consumers to buy their product instead.

Also, because people are ingesting food and beverage products, another key challenge the industry faces is building trust and certainty. These two things, and the reputation of a business, are so intimately entwined with trade marks and brands.

Developing trade marks and patents that are robust enough to withstand the rigors of time, aggressive competition, and globalisation is really important. We have a team of food and beverage experts who can help you protect, enforce and profit from your product’s IP to give you a better shot at success.

Our clients range from many of the world's most successful food and beverage manufacturers through to niche producers competing in the local market. 

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