Key changes under the new Act

Article  \  29 Apr 2014

Here you'll find information to help you understand key changes made by the Patents Act 2013. Key changes relate to:

  • tougher examination
  • third party challenges
  • renewal fees.

Tougher examination

Examination under the new Act is a lot tougher. An invention will be patentable if it is novel, inventive and useful. Examiners can now object that inventions are obvious or not useful, and can rely on prior art from outside of New Zealand.

The new Act will prevent or make it more difficult for software inventions to be patented.

Third party challenges

The 2013 Act provides new ways for third parties to challenge a patent application or patent.

Renewal fees will be payable annually

Annual renewal fees will be due to keep an application pending or granted patent in force under the new Act, compared to four payments under the old Act. Read more about renewal fees.

The current Act and the new Act - summary of key changes

Read more about the summarised changes in the Patents Act 2013 information sheet.

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