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A good IP strategy ensures your commercial goals are kept to the fore. It also provides a framework to work within when you’re deciding which IP rights to secure and where to spend your money.

An IP strategy allows you to understand, manage and capitalise on the IP in your organisation. It can also help you win more market share, secure higher prices or ensure lower costs than your competitors. A clear strategy also answers the day-to-day questions most organisations face around what to do about IP.

IP is critical to modern businesses and a mix of IP rights is usually the best way to build real value in your intangible asset base. This does not happen without careful thought and planning.

Even if your business is not into intensive research and development programmes, it is important that you have processes for identifying the IP that you create and a strategy for protecting and capitalising on it.

How can AJ Park help me?

We offer a range of IP strategy services to suit your business and requirements. Each of the programmes listed below have built-in flexibility, but are based on research into learning techniques and delivery methods.

IP Game Plan™

This is a short training programme that gives you an opportunity to talk to IP experts about your business with the goal of working out a basic IP strategy. The aim is to give you the upfront information you need to develop your strategy, while also helping build your capability in using IP as a business tool.

The programme is designed for individuals, start-ups and SMEs, but is equally useful for larger organisations wanting to better understand the role IP plays in their organisation.

You may qualify for government subsidies to cover part of the cost of this programme.

For more information about our IP Game Plan™ programme, download our brochure.

Beyond IP

AJ Park has been appointed to the Callaghan Innovations Beyond IP panel. As part of this appointment, the AJ Park team, lead by Grace Thomas-Edmond, Anton Blijlevens and Anton Gibson, help businesses develop and implement their intangible asset strategy. The 12 month programme is partially funded and is aimed to upskill and transfer knowledge to participants. This will allow them to continue developing their intangible asset strategy and make better decisions around the management of these assets.

Intangible assets make up a large amount of a modern businesses value and go beyond innovations you can patent or brands you protect through trade marks. That’s why it’s important to have a clear intangible asset strategy that enables businesses to identify and manage all their intangible assets to maximise the value those assets can create in the business.

For more information about the Beyond IP programme, download our brochure or visit the Callaghan Innovations website.

Bespoke IP strategy advice

Each business is different, and your motivation for seeking IP strategy advice needs to be understood. Our bespoke IP strategy advice service operates at the intersection of in-depth technical and strategy advice.

This service is driven by you and is tailored to your specific requirements and budget. We offer IP strategy advice underpinned by insights gained from understanding your technology. We use our own methodology drawn from best practice and research to gather key information and deliver exactly what you need for your project or technology, in the timeframe you require.

In-house capability development programme

We view education and knowledge-sharing about IP and its commercialisation as critical responsibilities of our firm. And that’s why we offer an in-house capability development programme that will make a real difference to your business.

Our in-house capability development programme is the creation and delivery of customised IP strategy training for your teams.


If you need plain English IP strategy advice or you would like further information about our IP strategy programmes, get in touch with one of our experts below.

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