Hiring a patent attorney

If you are keen to patent an invention, watch this video on what to know and do before hiring a patent attorney to help you save time and money.

Video  \  8 Apr 2021


New ideas are generated every day by businesses. With the right kind of intellectual property (IP) protection, businesses can anticipate, navigate and better manage the many twists and turns that pave the road to market.

Patent attorneys can help you identify, develop, protect, commercialise, manage and enforce your IP rights. In celebration of World IP Day 2021 and the theme 'IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market', we’re hosting a free webinar that will help you understand when you need a patent attorney and what you can do in advance to help you save time and money.

Hosted by Anton Blijlevens, this video covers:

  • when a patent is necessary
  • when to contact a patent attorney and how to choose the right one
  • how to prepare information so a robust patent application can be drafted.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to embark on protecting their invention with a patent.


There are several reasons to see a patent attorney. You may want to protect or enforce a patent, trade mark, registered design or your trade secrets. Alternatively, you may need help identifying the IP rights of others so you can avoid infringement. Patent attorneys can also advise you on strategies for taking your brand or invention to market and help commercialise your IP assets to build a valuable portfolio of IP.

In this webinar, we will focus specifically on patents. Patents provide protection for inventions to stop others from copying your product, process, formulations or software. You can pursue a patent by filing a patent specification at a patent office, where it will be examined and then possibly approved. The scope of patent protection you can get is based on how unique your invention may be. It also depends on the information you present your patent attorney about your invention and on how good your patent attorney is.

To increase the chances of your patent being approved, you need a robust patent application. In order to help prepare a patent application, your patent attorney will need to know everything about your invention and how you got there. You'll need to work with your patent attorney so that they fully understand your business opportunities, your invention, and what makes your invention unique. Together, you will form an IP strategy and identify the inventions you want your patent to cover. Your patent attorney will then prepare the patent specification to be lodged at the patent office.

An intimate knowledge of the invention’s technology is essential to ensure your patent provides sufficient protection. At AJ Park, our patent specialists comprise two broad teams – life sciences and engineering/IT, who between them have the technical expertise to understand and protect almost any type of technology. 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Recognise whether you need to see a patent attorney
  2. Identify the factors to consider when selecting a patent attorney
  3. Understand when an invention should be protected by a patent  
  4. Learn what information you need to share with your patent attorney to help ensure a robust patent application is filed (and save some money in doing so).

About Anton

Anton specialises in patent and related intellectual property law, in particular for mechanical and manufacturing patents. He is also a copyright and designs specialist.

Anton joined AJ Park in 1994 after graduating from the University of Canterbury with a Masters degree in mechanical engineering. He gained his law degree from The University of Auckland in 2004.

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