Updated RWC 2011 Major Events Management Act 2007 Guide Now Available

Article  \  1 Sep 2011

The Ministry of Economic Development has released an updated and expanded version of its “Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand – A Guide to the Major Events Management Act 2007”. The guide is available on the Ministry’s website:



One of the main aims of the Major Events Management Act 2007 (“the Act”) is to prevent the unauthorised association of goods, services, brands or providers with major events (“ambush marketing”), such as the Rugby World Cup 2011.

The main alterations relate to the intrusion protections (advertising within declared clean zones and transport routes). This is largely due to the fact that the clean zones and transport routes for the tournament have now been publicly gazetted.

The guide gives general information about clean zones, clean transport routes and clean periods, as well as exemptions which relate to these intrusion protections.

The Ministry has also given illustrations of what it deems to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour under the Act. For example:

  • Any established, permanent signage on an existing business within a clean zone or clean transport route is acceptable.
  • Wearing branded clothing within clean zones or clean transport routes is acceptable, but it is not acceptable to do so in a co-ordinated effort with others with the intention of ambush marketing.
  • Street trading is not allowed within the clean zones or clean transport routes (except by RWC 2011 licensees).
  • Branded vehicles parked or travelling within clean zones or clean transport routes with the intention of attracting attention are prohibited unless going about their ordinary business, and also banned are airborne traffic such as blimps, skywriting and aircraft towing signs.
  • Distributing promotional flyers and product giveaways within clean zones and clean transport routes is also prohibited even if they do not create an association with the event.
  • Advertising of a nature which is outside a firm’s ordinary business activities both within a clean zone and from places outside the clean zone which are clearly visible from inside the clean zone is not allowed. The guide points out that both the advertisers and those accepting money from the advertisers for the placement of the advertisements will breach the Act.
  • Advertising of a nature which is outside a firm’s ordinary business activities along clean transport routes is not permitted.

While the issue of whether conduct breaches the Act is ultimately a matter for determination by the courts, the guide does give some pointers to the issues likely to provoke a response from those administering the event.

The guide has maps and descriptions of the clean zones and transport routes, as well as the declared clean periods, for the locations where RWC 2011 events will be held: Northland Events Centre, North Harbour Stadium, Eden Park, Waikato Stadium, Rotorua International Stadium, McLean Park, Stadium Taranaki, Arena Manawatu, Wellington Regional Stadium, Trafalgar Park, Otago Stadium and Rugby Park.