Tait Limited

Client story  \  9 Aug 2012

Tait Limited (formerly Tait Electronics Limited) is a global leader in designing, delivering and managing critical communication solutions that help public safety organisations and utilities to keep communities safe and the lights on. Customers the world over turn to Tait for developing products, migrating systems, customizing features, configuring networks, training users, managing projects, offering ongoing support and deploying a full suite of installation services.
AJ Park has assisted Tait Limited since 1983 with IP commercialisation, maintenance and protection strategy, international freedom to operate analysis and advice, brand protection in New Zealand and internationally, and IP enforcement across its portfolio of IP rights in the areas of trade marks, patents, designs and copyright.
Most recently, AJ Park has worked with Tait Limited on a global rebranding exercise. Tait decided to modernise its brand to give it a more contemporary look, including the move to an updated trading name, Tait Communications, to better reflect the scope of its offerings to customers. AJ Park is helping to secure trade mark rights for this new brand in 14 countries where Tait Communications operates.
AJ Park trade mark partner Corinne Cole said 'Tait Limited is a hugely successful company; they recognise the value of their trade mark and how it's recognised internationally as a world class provider of communication solutions. Making sure that this very valuable asset of the business is protected is a reflection of the way Tait does business - they leave no stone unturned. The previous format of the Tait trade mark was also registered globally. Tait has always recognised and valued its IP assets and actively manages its IP portfolio.'
Allan Vivian, Tait Limited's Intellectual Property & Commercial Manager commented:

AJ Park has been instrumental in supporting our success both here in New Zealand and in international markets.

- Allan Vivian, Tait

While several of Tait Limited's corporate functions are based in Christchurch, they pride themselves on their international customer base and global support delivered from three regional headquarters in Brisbane, Houston and Vienna covering Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa.