Daniel Thorpe
Daniel uses his industrial experience and varied expertise in patent law to advise clients regarding their intellectual property (IP) in the fields of mechanical technology, software and business methods.


With a focus on mechanical devices and inventions at the edge of patentability, Daniel works with individual inventors through to large multinational corporations advising on patents, registered designs and IP strategy. Daniel works in a number of technology areas including medical devices, power generation, high-tech consumer electronics, green-tech and automotive. 


Daniel holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in the UK. Following university, Daniel spent several years working for a leading European engineering company commissioning gas turbine power stations throughout the world. 

Daniel has extensive experience working directly with clients to find the best protection for their ideas. He has a wealth of experience advising on inventions at the fringe of patentability, such as computer implemented inventions and business methods. Daniel has enjoyed success in the challenging jurisdictions of the UK and Europe in obtaining protection for his clients in this changeable area of IP. He has also represented clients at hearings at the European Patent Office (EPO), including in front of the Boards of Appeal. 

Prior to joining AJ Park, Daniel qualified as a UK and European Patent Attorney at the one of the UK’s largest Patent and Trademark Attorney firms.


  • MEng (Mechanical Engineering), University of Sheffield (2005)
  • Chartered Patent Attorney (UK)
  • European Patent Attorney (non-practicing)
  • European Design Attorney (non-practicing)
Daniel Thorpe's insights