World Intellectual Property Day 2022

News  \  26 Apr 2022

World Intellectual Property (IP) Day is an annual celebration of IP's role in stimulating innovation and creativity. 

This year's theme is youth and IP: building a more sustainable future. Across the globe, young creators and entrepreneurs are using IP rights to drive their ambitions, including feeding the world, saving lives, and shaping our future. Their bold ideas and creations play a vital role in solving critical problems that we face today. And being existing and future consumers of these creations, they can contribute to designing a world they want to live in.

Hear from our talented young people

We've taken the opportunity to speak to our talented young people working across the business and get their thoughts on how youth contribute to shaping our environment more sustainably and why that's so important.

Watch the videos below to hear from Ashleigh Ooi, Bree McElroy, Hamid Hamandi and Kenn Hew.