Making safety seen this International Women in Engineering Day

News  \  23 Jun 2023

This International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate the fantastic work that women in engineering are doing to build towards a better future. The theme for 2023 is making safety seen.

We spoke to AJ Park Senior Associate, Sharon Zhu, who shares her experience working in engineering and intellectual property. Sharon is a member of the Patents (Engineering and IT) and combines her expertise in law and engineering to help clients protect their innovations and bring their ideas to life.

What led you to pursue engineering and how does it contribute to your work in IP?

I pursued engineering as I was drawn to learning about how things around me worked. It has also given me the opportunity to meet people making a practical differences in the world by helping solve big problems around us, or incrementally improving smaller aspects of daily life.

As a patent attorney, my engineering background means that I can share the same appreciation and enthusiasm as my clients for the innovations they have created.

It also helps me communicate with the inventors and understand how something operates quickly and what advantages it may have over products and solutions which may already exist.   

How have you seen the field of engineering contribute to improved safety and quality of life?

Engineering is the core of most technological advances as it helps improve our understanding of different fields and providing solutions. Engineering is all around us and is used to create new products which improve the lives of many. New technologies help connect people, diagnose and treat illnesses, and improve the comforts of everyday life. Personally, I don’t think I can go back to a time without wireless headphones, an e-bike to commute through traffic, or a pressure cooker for quick and tasty meals.

Do you have any advice for women pursuing engineering, IP or other STEM related industries?

Give everything a go! Find out what makes you tick and is interesting to you and go towards anything which might be an opportunity to get involved in that. Be open to meeting new people, learning from them and building your tribe of like-minded people. These fields have vast opportunities and you will find something that will make the most of your natural skills, and help you develop new ones.