Joanne Quach

Joanne Quach

Patent Executive \ AJ Park IP Limited, Auckland

Joanne is a patent executive in AJ Park’s engineering patent team, where she is valued for her knowledge of technology and ability to quickly grasp new concepts.


Having joined AJ Park in July 2016, Joanne is a member of the engineering patent team based in Auckland. Her role sees her conducting patent searches and assisting with the prosecution of patent applications for companies of all sizes across a range of industries.

Joanne says that intellectual property (IP) law wasn’t a field she had initially considered, but that it now seems like an obvious choice because she has a strong interest in technology and values a stimulating work environment.

I truly love my work because every client brings something new; there’s a huge variety. It’s interesting learning about new technology and ideas that clients are working on. Technology is changing so rapidly and to be able to see things people haven’t seen before or learn about new innovations is really interesting.


Joanne graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Technology with honours, specialising in medical physics and imaging technology. For her honours project, she worked with Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO) investigating the effectiveness of using radiobiological versus dose-volume objects to create radiotherapy treatment plans for prostate cancer patients.

Joanne is currently studying to become a patent attorney.

Working style

Eager to learn and quick to grasp new things, Joanne is certainly not afraid of hard work and seeks out opportunities to extend herself intellectually.

‘That’s just one of the things I like about my role at AJ Park. The work is interesting and unique. Every day brings new challenges, and because it’s not always straightforward, I’m often pushed to really think.’

Joanne believes good working relationships with both colleagues and clients are built on a foundation of mutual respect and understanding. Being surrounded by knowledgeable colleagues who are happy to share their learnings is another bonus of the environment at AJ Park.

‘Everyone is so approachable so it’s easy to communicate and learn from people. There’s a very good balance between work and life, which means everyone is fresh and can put 100% into their work.’

Beyond work

After hours, you’ll find Joanne spending time with her family and watching movies. Journaling is one of her favourite forms of relaxation, and she’s particularly fond of fountain pens.




  • BTech (Hons) (Medical Physics and Imaging Technology), University of Auckland (2014)
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