Lucette Kuhn

Lucette Kuhn

Associate \ AJ Park Law Limited, Wellington

An associate in AJ Park’s litigation and dispute resolution team, Lucette assists with contentious intellectual property law matters.


Lucette advises clients on how likely they are to be able to successfully defend or protect their trademarks and copyright rights. Her team deals mostly with international clients in Europe, USA and Asia.

Working style

Lucette’s previous work as a prosecutor taught her the importance of reading people, assessing what’s most important from the information available and thinking on her feet. “I’m a great believer in research. Building a methodical picture helps me understand the party we are acting for and what the other party do, their points of interest, services and leadership team. Those insights help me assess a situation,  to better understand my client and opponent and their priorities, and to read from all that the best way forward.”

Lucette stresses the importance of documenting your creative work by keeping meticulous records and being prepared to enforce your rights. “It’s very important to understand and record exactly what you’ve created and when. It’s important too to indicate clearly that you are asserting the rights to what you regard as yours. If you’re unsure, it pays to ask.”


Lucette has two law degrees – a B Iuris and LLB from the University of the Free State in South Africa. After graduating, Lucette worked in the insurance industry for a number of years before joining the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in South Africa as a prosecutor. She joined the New Zealand Police’s Prosecutions Service in 2010 and resumed her career as a criminal litigator after being admitted to the New Zealand Bar in 2012. The decision to join AJ Park came after she took a break from her prosecuting role  to be more involved with creative ideas, while still utilising a wealth of litigation experience.

Beyond work

Outside of work, Lucette enjoys making torch-fired enamel jewellery and painting in acrylics.


  • B.Iuris (Bachelor of law - Commerce), University of the Free State, South Africa (1989)
  • LLB, University of the Free State, South Africa (2009)