Our patents team

Our patent specialists comprise two broad teams – chembio and engineering/IT, who between them have the technical expertise to understand and protect any type of technology.

An intimate knowledge of our clients' technology is essential to ensure patents provide sufficient protection.

Our teams' technical knowledge allows us to liaise effectively with inventors and research teams. Because of our size and our fluid team structure, we are able to form multi-disciplinary teams on project-by-project basis, which ensures that each project is handled by the best people for the job.

Although the technology and processes can be complex, we communicate clearly and make sure you understand what you need to know.

Andy Locke

Principal | Wellington

Andy acts for businesses in patenting inventions, registering designs and advising on freedom to operate, in New Zealand and overseas.

+64 4 494 9614

+64 21 0247 0604

Anton Blijlevens

Principal | Auckland

A good listener with a practical outlook, Anton has become a trusted advisor for clients looking to protect and commercialise their innovations.

+64 9 356 7665

+64 21 440 485

Chris Way

Principal | Auckland

Chris specialises in mechanical, electrical and electronics patents and registered designs.

+64 9 966 9761

+64 21 987 893

Dr David Simunic

Principal | Auckland

David provides strategic advice on intellectual property (IP) portfolios including patents, designs, and copyright.

+64 9 353 8159

+64 21 520 003

Dr Duncan de Geest

Principal | Wellington

Duncan is a patent law specialist with particular expertise in the area of chemical innovations.

+64 4 498 3462

+64 21 977 447

Dr Fiona Pringle

Principal | Wellington

Fiona assists clients in patent and design matters, from filing through to grant, in New Zealand, Australia and overseas.

+64 4 494 9621

+64 21 103 6398

Greg West-Walker

Consultant | Auckland

Greg has worked in intellectual property (IP) for 40 years and retired as a principal in AJ Park in October 2020. He is now a consultant doing work for selected clients with which he has been involved for some years.

+64 9 353 8215

+64 21 390 382

Hadleigh Brown

Principal | Auckland

Hadleigh is an experienced intellectual property (IP) expert who specialises in all aspects of patent and design law, advising and developing IP protection strategies for clients in the high-tech space.

+64 9 353 8216

+64 21 936 410

Dr James Robinson

Principal | Auckland

A patent attorney with a background in organic chemistry, James is a member of AJ Park’s Auckland life sciences patent team and specialises in all aspects of intellectual property (IP) law for chemical innovations.

+64 9 356 7678

+64 21 0251 5887

Jeremy Sim

Principal | Auckland

Jeremy specialises in chemical and process engineering inventions.

+64 9 353 8228

+64 21 937 597

Matt Adams

Principal | Wellington

Matt is a principal in AJ Park's engineering and information communication technology team specialising in protecting, registering and licensing patents in the computer and information technology fields. Matt is also a copyright specialist.

+64 4 498 3454

+64 21 463 738

Matt Devine

Principal | Auckland

Matt has particular expertise in patents, designs, copyright and related intellectual property (IP) work for electrical and mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and software technology.

+64 9 353 8220

+64 21 526 980

Michael Brown

Principal | Wellington

Objective, creative and detail-focused, Michael specialises in patents, designs, copyright and related intellectual property (IP) for Australasian and international innovators.

+64 4 498 3444

+64 21 866 453

Sam Pearson

Principal | Auckland

Sam blends considerable international legal experience with expertise in the biotechnology and molecular biology fields.

+64 9 353 8200

+64 204 185 5519

Sarah Barclay

Principal | Wellington

Sarah combines her industry experience and intellectual property (IP) expertise to help clients around the globe protect their innovations.

+64 4 498 3438

+64 21 823 918

Teresa Griffiths

Principal | Wellington

Teresa is a patent expert and principal of AJ Park. She combines her knowledge of intellectual property (IP) law, and biotechnological and pharmaceutical inventions to help her clients protect their innovations.

+64 4 498 3437

+64 27 762 6469

Wes Jones

Principal | Auckland

Wes specialises in the development and commercialisation of patent and registered design portfolios.

+64 9 359 7747

+64 21 666 703

Dr Christine Egan

Special Counsel | Wellington

Christine combines her scientific training and research background with her expertise in patent law to provide her clients with expert intellectual property (IP) advice.

+64 4 498 3410

+64 21 440 483

Tim Jackson

Special Counsel | Auckland

Tim joined AJ Park’s Auckland life sciences patent team in June 2020. He supports local and international innovators to obtain and benefit from intellectual property (IP) rights.

+64 09 353 5411

+64 21 677 122

Dr Carol Johns

Senior Associate | Wellington

Dr Carol Johns has worked with clients ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to universities in the United States and Europe before joining AJ Park’s life sciences patent team.

+64 4 931 1840

+64 21 790 826

Duncan Schaut

Senior Associate | Auckland

Duncan helps clients develop and implement their intellectual property strategy with a focus on patents and registered designs.

+64 9 359 7722

+64 21 617 272

Matthieu Mouscardes

Senior Associate | Auckland

Matthieu helps local clients and clients from around the world protect their innovations.

+64 9 359 4752

+64 21 0263 2416

Helen Bellchambers

Senior Associate | Wellington

Helen is a patent attorney and lawyer. She has a dual role at AJ Park as a member of both the life sciences patents team and the litigation and dispute resolution team. Helen works with clients from around the world to protect their inventions in New Zeal

+64 4 474 0898

+64 21 295 8502

Dr Hannah French

Senior Associate | Auckland

A patent attorney in AJ Park’s biotechnology and life sciences team, Hannah uses her mix of science and research knowledge and patent expertise to help clients of all sizes protect their innovations.

+64 9 353 5433

+64 21 566 436

Dr Katherine Hebditch

Associate | Auckland

A patent attorney in AJ Park’s Auckland life sciences patent team, Katherine uses her patent expertise and knowledge of science and commercialisation to help clients of all sizes protect their innovations.

+64 9 356 7666

+64 21 022 90180

Pritesh Lohani

Senior Associate | Auckland

Pritesh advises clients on strategy, protection and enforcement of their patent and design rights.

+64 9 356 3318

+64 21 064 7686

Dr Sebastian Möller

Associate | Auckland

Sebastian is an associate in AJ Park’s Auckland mechanical engineering patents team

+64 9 353 8205

Bojun Zhou 周博俊

Associate | Wellington

Bojun is proficient in assisting clients with obtaining patent protection in New Zealand, China and around the world.

+64 4 471 6883

+64 27 294 9288

Andy Yu

Patent Executive | Wellington

Andy combines his experience in technology with his training in mechatronics and business to assist clients seeking to patent their innovations.

+64 4 474 0879

Hamid Hamandi

Patent Executive | Auckland

With his mechanical engineering background, Hamid brings a practical, hands-on approach to his role as a patent executive in AJ Park’s engineering and ICT team.

+64 4 474 0922

Joanne Quach

Patent Executive | Auckland

Joanne is a patent executive in AJ Park’s Auckland engineering patent team where her Bachelor of Technology and ability to quickly grasp new things are valuable assets.

+64 9 353 5428

Lawrence Wong

Patent Attorney | Auckland

Lawrence is an ambitious and enthusiastic member of AJ Park’s Auckland electrical and IT team. He loves helping Kiwi companies navigate the intellectual property (IP) landscape so they can achieve their business goals.

+64 9 353 5419

Dr Nikki Templeton

Patent Executive | Wellington

Plant-related intellectual property (IP) is a rapidly evolving area, and one that deeply suits Nikki’s interests and professional background.

+64 4 474 0928

Dr Paul Renwick

Patent Executive | Auckland

Paul combines his knowledge and real-world experience in electronics with his expertise in patent law to advise inventors and companies of all sizes on protecting their intellectual property (IP).

+64 9 356 7687

Dr Jason Busby

Patent Executive | Auckland

A search analyst in AJ Park’s Auckland life sciences team, Jason performs a variety of watching and freedom-to-operate searches and provides summary reports. His area of expertise is in biological sciences – genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry.

+64 9 353 5427

Callum Judd

Patent Executive | Auckland

Callum is a patent executive in AJ Park’s Auckland engineering and ICT team.

+64 9 966 9763

Hossein Mehrabi

Patent Attorney | Auckland

Hossein helps clients to obtain patent and registered design protection in New Zealand, Australia and overseas.

+64 9 359 7731

Katie Wei

Patent Executive | Wellington

Katie assists clients in patent matters in New Zealand, Australia and overseas. She is passionate about solving problems in creative ways.

+64 4 494 9630

Rachel McIvor

Patent Attorney | Auckland

Rachel assists clients in patent matters in New Zealand, Australia, and overseas.

+64 9 359 7718

Dr Briar Dominick

Patent Attorney | Wellington

Briar draws on her background in chemistry research and academic work to conduct patentability and freedom-to-operate searches for clients.

+64 4 474 0872

Dr Nora Croft

Patent Attorney | Auckland

A patent attorney in AJ Park's chemistry and life sciences team, Nora assists clients seeking to protect their innovations in the areas of biotech, life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

+64 9 356 7673

Sam Ting

Patent Attorney | Wellington

Sam is committed to understanding the problem-solving and abstract thinking needed to provide clients with practical advice.

+64 4 498 3467

Sharon Zhu

Associate | Auckland

Sharon is a patent attorney in AJ Park’s Auckland engineering and IT team. She combines her expertise in law and engineering to help clients protect their innovations and bring their ideas to life.

+64 9 353 8208

Gunjan Sharma

Patent Attorney | Auckland

Gunjan is a patent specialist with expertise across the various fields of engineering.

+64 9 359 7739

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